Utila Debuts Institutional Crypto Operations Platform with $3B in Transactions in 6 Months

$3B in Transactions in 6 Months

Utila Integrates with CoinCover to Enhance Crypto Asset Management
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Utila Integrates with CoinCover to Enhance Crypto Asset Management

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with CoinCover, the leading crypto asset protection company, to integrate their secure backup and recovery protection for assets custodied through the Utila platform. This combined solution provides joint customers with the best of both worlds across secure non-custodial wallet infrastructure and asset protection in case of disaster or lost devices.

Utila customers can seamlessly access this added layer of protection self-serve, removing complexity and concerns around lost access to funds. Utila customers can now take even greater control of their digital assets while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with Coincover‘s’ protection in the event they lose access to their key shares.

Ridhima Mohan, Chief Commercial Officer, CoinCover, says:

“Our partnership with Utila is groundbreaking. Customers now not only benefit from industry-leading blockchain protection technology, but also enjoy the extra perk of self-servicing key backup through Utila’s platform. It’s the perfect blend of top-tier recovery and an effortless user experience, making the journey smoother than ever.”

Bentzi Rabi, Co-Founder and CEO, Utila, says:

“At Utila, we’re genuinely excited about our new partnership with Coincover. Coincover’s unrivaled expertise in crypto asset security perfectly aligns with our commitment to easily safeguarding our users’ keys and digital assets. By enabling our customers to secure their key backup with Coincover for all of their keys created and managed via Utila, we’re poised to take our enterprise-grade wallet to even greater heights, ensuring our clients enjoy the highest level of protection and peace of mind in their crypto endeavours.”

Utila’s cutting-edge enterprise-grade crypto operations platform is continuously updated with additional value-added integrations to ensure our customers always have the most comprehensive solution for crypto asset management. Our self-serve platform is designed to allow customers to set up and utilize features like Coincover backup and recovery independently and with minimal effort, all without sacrificing security.

About CoinCover:

Blockchain technology is changing everything. However, it brings its own set of unique risks. Coincover exists to ensure everyone is protected, enabling them to innovate freely, without constraints. Coincover provides a complete blockchain protection solution, addressing the most significant barrier to mainstream adoption: trust. Our protection solutions ensure that access and assets are never lost.

Founded in 2018, Coincover is backed by leading fintech and blockchain investors. Today, we help over 350 of the biggest names in blockchain, including Fireblocks, BitGo, and Ledger, protect themselves and their customers from theft, hacking, and human error.

Visit for more information.

About Utila:

Utila is an enterprise-grade crypto operations platform enabling organizations of all sizes to manage their digital assets securely. We simplify digital asset management and day-to-day crypto operations for institutions without compromising security or usability.

We offer a secure, non-custodial, chain-agnostic, enterprise grade wallet platform powered by MPC key management for ultimate security and a robust transaction policy engine for granular control. Trusted by industry leaders like Fasanara, Starkware and Psalion, Utila has secured over $4 Billion in transaction volume within a few months and is growing rapidly.

Our mission is to make enterprise-grade wallets more accessible, secure and usable.


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