Utila Debuts Institutional Crypto Operations Platform with $3B in Transactions in 6 Months

$3B in Transactions in 6 Months


Case Studies

Streamlined DeFi access and secure, flexible crypto operations with Utila

Psalion is a leading DeFi asset management firm that provides liquidity for decentralized applications (dApps) and DeFi investment services for HNW clients, family offices, and professional investors.


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Loan Venkatapen

Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer

“Utila’s simple DeFi access, nimbleness when adding DeFi support for new chains and service levels have improved our ability to maximize client growth and returns in the DeFi space. Utila’s reliability, fast support and on and off ramping integrations were a major improvement over our previous solutions.”

About Psalion

Simplifying participation in P2P economies with best-in-class self-hosted nodes

Psalion offers a range of Web3 venture capital and managed investment services, with specialization in DeFi based strategies for their HNW, family office and institutional clients.

Psalion’s asset management services include investment strategies across the DeFi ecosystem to maximize alpha for their clients – capitalizing on their deep understanding of emerging trends and experience with market making, network participation and governance.

The Challenge

Existing custody and DeFi solutions had sub-par service and roadmap

Psalion launched their DeFi asset management service at the start of the 2021 crypto bear market, and quickly began to onboard clients. Psalion was eager to continue to expand the market and capitalize on crypto’s tremendous growth during this period. As a regulated asset manager, the right custody and DeFi access tech was critical to ensure both high returns and trust when managing client funds.

Loan Venkatapen, Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer, researched and tested a variety of leading solutions at the time. Initially, they were able to meet his needs, but this began to diminish. Early on, they tested several other MPC custody and DeFi access solutions, but saw increasingly less service and DeFi roadmap reliability over time. Psalion began to look for nimbler, more reliable solutions.

As a fast growing manager, it’s essential that we can assure we can access nascent, emerging DeFi chains quickly and enable easy liquidity withdrawals at all times, Utila offered simple DeFi access and blew us out of the water with their speed and responsiveness for new DeFi chain support requests.

Loan was introduced to Utila and was very impressed with their pitch for their simpler, self-serve and flexible offering. The Utila team’s energy, persistence and responsiveness gave Psalion little doubt that they finally found the ideal complete, but nimble, DeFi infrastructure solution.

The Solution

Utila offers an ideal wallet infrastructure for flexible, compliant treasury operations

And More:

  • Secure DeFi Access

    Interact with any DeFi protocol dApp for decentralized lending, staking and trading from secure self-custodial wallets with flexible policy controls

  • Nimble DeFi Support & Roadmap

    Fast, on-demand support for adding new emerging DeFi chains and dApps for cross-chain DeFi strategies

  • Simple On & Off Ramps

    Easily move funds on or off-chain and convert between fiat and crypto directly between any bank account and your Vault

  • Secure MPC-Based Wallets With Flexible Policies

    Complete wallet solution where you can easily set up multi-level approval and escalation structures based on custom quorums

  • 3rd Party Backup and Recovery With CoinCover

    Added security layer in case key shares are lost or inaccessible via CoinCover, the industry leader for backup and recovery 

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