Utila Debuts Institutional Crypto Operations Platform with $3B in Transactions in 6 Months

$3B in Transactions in 6 Months

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Interacting with the crypto economy shouldn’t have to be cumbersome. Manage digital assets when and how you want to, with Utila’s intuitive and configurable platform.

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  • Modern approach to security

    Cutting edge MPC technology and a customizable policy engine mean you own your keys, your assets and your processes.

  • Compliance-focused integrations

    Set your own governing rules and seamlessly integrate with AML, KYC, CFT, KYT apps, on-chain forensics, and robust reporting.

  • Any asset, any chain.

    Participate in the entire crypto ecosystem by connecting with exchanges, DEXs, trading venues, liquidity pools, dApps, and staking services.


Utila Wallet

Utila Wallet is an out-of-the-box platform that lets you securely store, transfer and take complete control of your digital assets from day one.

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  • Highly secure transfers anchored by state-of-the-art MPC technology

  • Import all your wallets and exchange accounts to one pane of glass

  • Create allow lists for trusted third party wallets to streamline transactions

  • Flexible governance and speedy onboarding in 5 minutes

  • Create wallets and permissions for different departments and users in your business

  • Interact with any DeFi protocol or dApp to take advantage of decentralized lending, staking and trading

  • Highly configurable with easy integrations to risk and compliance, accounting, auditing tools

  • Confidence in what you are paying with flexible and transparent pricing models


Utila API

Take off the training wheels with developer-ready APIs. Build out your crypto-powered vision with the full power of Utila behind you.

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curl -X POST https://...
   -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
   -d '{
         "create_params": {
           "wallet_id": "9b5f982b2474",
           "evm_params": {
         "priority_fee": "NORMAL",
         "blockchain": "ETHEREUM_MAINNET"
Transaction completed
  • Single-use wallets for ultra private payments

  • Automate transactions to stay ahead of the curve

  • Self-custodial wallets for a user base of any size

  • Create omnibus wallets for optimized speed and costs

Your safe, flexible and transparent journey to crypto starts here.

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The future will be built around digital assets of all kinds

Meet the team who brings deep expertise in cybersecurity, cryptography and building businesses. We have brought together innovators and expert operators to lay the foundation for the next wave of the crypto economy.

  • Bentzi Rabi


  • Sam Eiderman


  • Gilad Asharov


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