Utila Debuts Institutional Crypto Operations Platform with $3B in Transactions in 6 Months

$3B in Transactions in 6 Months

Trading Operations
for Hedge Funds

Securely manage your trading operations from self-custodied MPC wallets, backed by a robust policy engine for risk controls that won’t slow down trading and settlement.

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Secure, efficient and compliant trading operations

Streamline your crypto trading settlement operations without putting you or your investor’s funds at risk with secure MPC wallets and flexible policy controls.

Accessing, rebalancing and settling across CeFi and DeFi trading venues has never been faster, more secure and easier to govern.

Security and Governance

  • Securely manage all your assets from a single platform

    Simple UI to view or manage crypto balances in self-custody wallets or third party accounts.

  • Create custom quorums for approval flows

    Set minimum approval x out of y based on custom filters.

  • Set approval flows and limits self-serve

    Set rules to limit or require custom approval flows for transfers by amount, user, exchange and more.

  • Manage user permissions and roles with policies

    Define who can perform actions and who can approve, across wide-ranging filters.

Flexible, Self-Serve Management

  • Easily add counterparties to an approved address book

    Submit new external addresses for approval in seconds from your UI.

  • Add, remove or manage users self-serve

    Simplify user management with full control of user setup and changes without contacting support.

  • Link your exchange accounts to your Utila vault

    Connect exchange accounts and sub-accounts to settle, track or apply policy rules for exchange settlement.

  • Flexibly manage vaults from self custody or LP’s custody

    Set up vaults based on your needs. Your LP can be Owner to control keys, while your team manages as Admins.

Features, Integrations & Automation

  • Leverage accounting integrations for tracking

    Simplify logging and tracking transactions and balances for accounting requirements.

  • Trade, lend or stake on DeFi apps

    Easily connect to any DeFi app with policy controls and advanced, embedded DeFi security integrations.

  • Automate transactions with API-based signing

    Automate signing transactions that match your transaction policies with an API co-signer.

  • Automate risk and compliance assessment

    Leverage automatic integrations with top crypto KYC and AML providers.

Access all these capabilities sooner with the fastest (under 5 minutes) onboarding and most inclusive pricing packages compared to similar solutions

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Loan Venkatapen

Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer

“Utila’s simple DeFi access, nimbleness when adding DeFi support for new chains and service levels have improved our ability to maximize client growth and returns in the DeFi space. Utila’s reliability, fast support and on and off ramping integrations were a major improvement over our previous solutions.”

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