Utila Debuts Institutional Crypto Operations Platform with $3B in Transactions in 6 Months

$3B in Transactions in 6 Months

Treasury Management
for Businesses

CFOs and operations teams manage their crypto treasuries using Utila’s intuitive console, fiat on/off-ramps, payments and automation features, while keeping control of their keys with Utila’s self-custody MPC wallets.

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One Stop Shop for Secure Crypto Treasury Management

Securely manage your company’s day to day crypto treasury operations from a simple UI to easily track balances and move funds between your Utila vault and bank accounts.

Paying or receiving payments with crypto from employees, customers or vendors has never been easier or more secure.

Security and Governance

  • One view for all your assets

    Easy to use web UI to view or manage your self-custodied crypto asset balances

  • Securely manage and reconcile balances, inflows and outflows

    Easily filter by asset type or wallet to see what’s incoming, outgoing, or in your custody.

  • Secure company funds with direct control

    Ensure your treasury is safe and accessible with Utila’s self-custody MPC wallets.

  • Easily move funds on or off chain 24/7

    Use Utila's on/off ramp to move funds directly between any bank account and your Vault.

Flexible, Self-Serve Management

  • Automate recurring payments

    Save time by setting up and scheduling automated payments to vendors, employees or partners.

  • Manage user permissions and roles with policies

    Define who can take what action, and who must approve (individual or quorum), across wide-ranging filters.

  • Set multi-tier approval flows and limits self-serve

    Set rules based on the value of individual or accumulated transfers over a time period.

Features, Integrations & Automation

  • Send crypto payments that convert automatically to fiat

    Send crypto payments to crypto friendly banks that automatically convert it to fiat in your receiver’s account.

  • Multi-chain support

    Store and transfer tokens on multiple chains. New support can be added in a few days.

  • Batch transactions

    Batch multiple crypto transfers into one for operational efficiency and to save on blockchain fees.

  • Simple payments, invoicing and accounting 

    Leverage crypto payments, invoice and accounting solution integrations.

Access all these capabilities sooner with the fastest (under 5 minutes) onboarding and most inclusive pricing packages compared to similar solutions

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Laurence Lewandowska

Head of Finance and Operations

Switching to Utila’s crypto treasury management platform enables us to revamp and simplify our treasury operations and signing process. Our old mix-and-match solution with hardware and online wallets didn’t allow multi-signer transaction workflows, which was not acceptable as we scaled. With Utila’s MPC wallets and mobile app-based signing, we now have the ideal multi-user signing flows that allow us to manage our treasury both nimbly and with solid governance.

Daniel Frazee

Chief Operating Officer

Utila addressed all our needs. It stands out as an affordable package that offers unparalleled functionality. Its user-friendly design, versatility, access to various dApps, and multi-chain support, have proven immensely valuable for us. The simplicity of Utila’s policy engine, coupled with its cross-chain and batch payment support, effectively addressed the challenges we encountered with other multi-sig wallets. This not only unlocked significant value but also greatly enhanced the overall user experience.

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